Health & Social Care Protocol Training

04 January 2018

Leicestershire Partnership Trust are delivering free training for delegated health tasks to social care staff commencing from April 2018.

Health and Social Care Protocol

The purpose of the Protocol is to promote constructive co-operation between staff of different agencies in the interests of good quality care for individuals.  The Protocol sets out the responsibilities of the NHS that, with the right oversight and training, can be delivered by social care agencies, whilst remaining the responsbility of the NHS.  Implicit in this working arrangement is the understanding and expectation that the health agencies will also deliver services that primarily the remit of social care.  Put simply, the overriding principle is :

“If you are there and competent to do it, you do it”

The protocol is a working document which will be updated as new situations arise, are resolved and become absorbed into standard practice.  

You can download the pocket book version here.



(please view the overall training availability) HSCP Dates April 2018 to Oct 2018

HSCP Training Dates April 2018 to Oct 2018

There is also an easy guide which explains the content of each programme Easy Guide to HSCP Programmes april edit

To complete the passport the training requires you to attend 2 1/2 days, this can be completed in any order.

  • Core Generic Healthcare Tasks – Full Day Core Skills 1 – 6 in the Training Passport).
  • Generic Healthcare Tasks A – Full Day (Generic Skills 7 – 11 & 14 in Training Passport).
  • Generic Healthcare Tasks B – Half Day ( Generic Skills 12 – 13 in Training Passport).
  • These training session are fully funded however non attendance of any sessions will incur a charge as follows;

£100 for a full day

£50 for a half day

How To Book On The Course

Leicestershire County Council staff can book on the course through the Hub, with your user account and password

Leicestershire County Council Staff who do not have an account please email

 Wider Sector, Leicester City Council, & Rutland County Council staff book on the course through the Hub, with your user account and password

If you do not have an account, this will need to be created for you.  Please follow the link for joining instructions and more information about the Hub

If you have any queries around the course content please contact

Janet Taylor
Clinical Student Facilitator
Mob: 07917550583


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