Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)

10 March 2017

What is Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)?

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) aims to explore the underlying reasons behind patterns of challenging behaviours that are displayed by an individual.

PBS was formally introduced in 2014 as a result of Norman Lamb’s national review of restrictive interventions following the Winterbourne View documentary. (Positive and proactive care: Reducing the need for restrictive intervention DoH 2014).

PBS works on the principles of a person centred approach and Applied Behaviour Analysis to observe and construct support plans that are tailored to meet the individual needs of the person, increasing quality of life and reducing need for restrictive interventions .

PBS is a multicomponent framework seeking to utilise the person’s entire support network   to share good practice and provide consistency. The individual’s broad social and biological influences are incorporated into the support package. Therefore PBS rejects the use of a single therapeutic approach, treatment or philosophy.

What Can LSCDG Offer ?

The LSCDG team strive to develop close working relations with partners across multiple sectors, aiming to promote and embed Positive Behaviour Support as the mainstream approach when supporting individuals in the community.

Our staff can provide support to any organisation during the transition period in which PBS is introduced.

Concurrent with the training packages available , the team can advise on the collection of behavioural data, analysis of the information and guidance toward the construction and implementation of individualised support plans.

The team can also provide aftercare support on individual cases to aid in the regular review of support plans and strategies in place.


Please note The PBS Team, including one to one sessions, will not case manage and will only work with allocated case workers in an advisory role.


To request the PBS service please complete the referral form, which you can download

Referral Form Sept 2017

complete and return to positivebehavioursupportteam@leics.gov.uk

If you have any queries or need assistance with completing the referral form, please email Sally Goadby sally.goadby@leics.gov.uk

You can download the PBS flow chart that explains how the referral works

flow chart for flow chart for providersv3

You can download the PBS Leaflet for further information pbs_leaflet3


Training Available

Depending on your service you may be able to access this training for free however, this is based on a completion of a referral form, within 28 days the PBS Team will be in touch with a decision.

Understanding Behaviours that Challenge (1 Day)

The session aims to educate all grades of staff within an establishment on the foundations of PBS. The session explores how to define challenging behaviour, the function of the behaviour and question staff on best practice in responding.

Support Planning (1 Day)

The session aims to educate any staff member who would take an active role in the construction and regular review of the PBS support plans. Staff have the opportunity to construct a support plan based on an individual whom they support, using data gathered from their own establishments.

Physical Interventions (1 Day)

This session is specifically for those individuals in an organisation who would like to take on the role of ‘In house lead’ for PBS to offer information and advice to their wider team. The session will explore safe disengagement techniques for staff and introduce least restrictive interventions to be used as a last resort. Individuals must have completed the prior two training sessions in order to be enrolled for this course. Please note this is not a ‘train the trainer’ course.


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