In light of the current Covid-19 situation a decision had been taken to provide a digital offer for  non-essential training.   However,  Moving & Handling Training has resumed back to face to face.

Important Surveys That Need Your Attention

10 May 2022

Just to remind there are 2 surveys that need your attention please can spare some time to complete

Leicestershire Social Care Development ( LSCDG) Workforce Survey

Leicestershire Social Care Development Group (LSCDG) is  conducting a short survey on the training and funding provided.

LSCDG is keen to assess the training provided and would like to ask for your assistance by completing this survey. The data collected will be used to help improve the support and services.

The survey is in two parts. The first part is about the Workforce Development Fund (WDF) and the second part is about your awareness of what training is available.

LSCDG is undergoing a tendering process to apply to become the lead partner to distribute the WDF across Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland.

Part of the evidence for this tender requires your input to help formulate the amount of funding needed to support your staff.

Please read the Funded Qualifications and Learning document containing the extensive list of qualifications carefully before completing this survey.  Please refer back to this list whilst completing the survey if you are unsure.  

This survey needs to be completed by the Manager, or relevant person responsible for training for your organisation.

Please click on the link to access the survey

Please note the survey  will close on Monday 16th May 2022 at 12noon so please can you give this priority.


 Children & Family ASYE – Skills for Care

It’s important that people working in adult social care have the right skills and knowledge to provide high quality care and support and we want to ensure we are responsive to the learning and development needs of the sector.  We would therefore welcome your input via a survey which we are currently undertaking.

This survey has two key purposes, and is therefore split in to two parts:

  1. Learning and development offer: We want to hear from people in all roles, across the sector to understand what you value about the learning and development opportunities currently available, what your priorities are and what support should look like. This will help Skills for Care to influence and shape impactful, national learning and development provision. 
  2. Care Certificate delivery: We also want to hear from managers and owners of care organisations and learning providers about your thoughts on, and experience of, delivering and assessing the Care Certificate. 

All respondents should be able to complete this survey in less than 15 minutes.  Those answering the additional questions about the Care Certificate should be able to complete the whole survey in around 25 minutes.

Those answering the additional questions about the Care Certificate should be able to complete the whole survey in around 25 minutes.

The survey is available here:  Please submit your responses by 12pm on 16 May 2022. .

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