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Leicestershire Social Care Development Group (LSCDG) has been operational since 2006, the aim of LSCDG is to support the workforce development and raise quality for independent and voluntary sector  (IVS) across  Leicester City, Leicestershire and Rutland.  We work  with over 400 + adult social care providers, that includes; Care Homes, Nursing Homes and Domicilary Care Agencies.

Back in 2006  the only course LSCDG arranged was the Moving & Handling Training the Trainer, including Updates, today we run a  series of courses, that are delivered by experienced experts in the field, this includes in house local authority staff and external providers who have been through a robust selection process.  We work with partners who are in touch with IVS and help us formulate and direct the training plan as well as implementing new legislation and procedure.

Sub Regional Workforce Group

LSCDG is a legal partnership between Leicestershire County Council, Leicester City Council and Rutland County Council.   The partnership is governed by Sub Regional Workforce Group (SRWG) which meets quarterly.   The SRWG consists of members from across Adult Social Care Sector,  current SRWG members are as follows:

Chair  – Sandy McMillan – Assistant Director,  Strategic & Commissioning, Adults & Communities, Leicestershire County Council.

Tracie Rees – Director Care Services & Commissioning, Adult Social Care, Leicester City Council

Madeleine McNeil – Learning & Development Team Manager,  Adults & Communities Leicestershire County Council

Sue Wilson – Head of Service,  Adults & Communities – Leicestershire County Council

Neil Lester – Group Manager, Contracts & Assurance -Leicester City Council

Emma Jane Perkins – Service Manager – Adult Social Care –  Rutland County Council

Craig Howarth – Quality Assurance Officer – Rutland County Council

Louise Richards – Care Manager,  Agnes House Residential Home – representing  Voluntary Sector

Sallyann Robinson – Residential Services Director, Vista – representing Voluntary Sector

Jayne Young – Regional Operations Manager,  East Midlands, Carewatch Care Services- representing Domciliary Sector

Simone Dyer – Registered Manager Carewatch (Leicester) – representing Domiciliary Sector

Jane Fielder  – Manager, Waltham Hall, representing Private Sector

Mahesh Pattani – Director – Best Care Services representing Private Sector

Christine Collymore – Area Officer –  Skills For Care

Nicola McCormack – Wider Workforce Manager,  Health Education East Midlands (Leicestershire)

Nazir Hussein – Business & Development Manager, LSCDG

Part and Fully  Funded Training Plan

How do we support the IVS, well our main function is that we organise and arrange a training plan that runs from April to March each year with a selection of core training, which is funded via the partnership.   The training plan consists of fully funded courses, such as

Moving & Handling Training the Trainer


Dementia Education Programme


All other courses can be accessed for a contribution per delegate, such as Mental Capacity Act, Introduction to Learning Disability and many more,  please view our training Events page to search for the courses that may interest you.

You can download the full 2017 – 2018 training plan here :  LSCDG Calendar 2017 V8

To view training courses, please view the Events Page .

From 6th June 2016 all bookings will be by via the Learning Management System called The Hub. Please see the LMS page for further information.

To ensure we provide a fair and balanced service to our care providers we limit 2 delegates per course from each establishment. At our discretion we will allow more delegates on each course.  All courses are delivered in a classroom basis, with some supported by  e-learning .  The e-learning consists of bite size chunks of half an hour sessions to raise awareness in topics such as Autism and Dementia. Other learning resources include downloadable training materials to use in supervisions or group sessions, this includes the common induction standards.

LSCDG books venues across the city and county to meet the needs of the providers, the location of the venues are carefully selected to capture care providers within the vicinity.  We acknowledge that at times this proves difficult, however we are open to feedback and if you have a venue which you can offer, then please contact us lscdg@leics.gov.uk

Recruitment/Career Events

LSCDG works with care providers and other organisations such as Schools, Colleges and  Health to arrange and particpate in career and recruitment fairs, to raise the awareness of social care. LSCDG would be happy to work alongside providers, so if you have an event and need our assistance in promoting social care then please get in touch.


Currently we have 4 staff who manage the operational arm of LSCDG;

Naz Hussein – Business & Development Manager

Naz has been with the LSCDG since 2006 and has built strong relationship with the care provider’s,  Naz’s role is to ensure that care proviNaz 2ders are supported with their workforce needs , whether this is done by visiting care providers to discuss the support LSCDG can offer, or hold events bringing together providers and informing them with the latest updates in social care.  Naz is also responsible for LSCDG finances  and contract management of all the training commissioned.  Naz is currently working with Health to bring the Health & Social Care Integration agenda forward.

If you want Naz to visit you to discuss any aspect of LSCDG,  then contact  Naz nazir.hussein@leics.gov.uk



Sally Goadby – Learning and Development Advisor Sally Goadby

Sally joined the LSCDG in September 2015 as a Positive Behaviour Support Learning & Development  Advisor

Positive behavioural support (PBS) is the best way of supporting individuals who display, or are at risk of displaying behaviour which challenges Services.

Sally has worked in Adult Social Care for many years and feels that she has made a difference to individual’s lives by implementing Positive Behaviour Support Plans and teaching others to look at Positive and Proactive support planning.

If you would like to know more about Positive Behaviour Support and how you can implement it.

Please call Sally on 0116 305 8228 or you can email on sally.goadby@leics.gov.uk


Jennifer Jordan – Infection Prevention & Control Learning and Development Trainer

Jennifer joined the LSCDG in April 2016 as a Infection Prevention & Control Learning and Development Trainer

Jennifer previously worked for 8 years with the Leicestershire & Rutland Probation Trust.  This included Substance Misuse Rehabilitation, Accredited Behaviour Programmes and Resettlement work.  Jennifer brings a wealth of experience with her.

Jennifer will be working in partnership with the Local Authority Community Infection Prevention & ControJenniferl Service.  The remit for Jennifer is to provide a comprehensive Infection Prevention & Control (IPC) training and development service to a range of customers, including internal/external stakeholders and partners, ensuring that a consistent service is provided across the sector in relation to Infection Prevention and Control.

If you would like to know more about Infection Prevention & Control.

Please call Jennifer on 0116 305 8361 or you can email on jennifer.jordan@leics.gov.uk


Vicky Satchwell – Workforce Development Officer

Vicky joined LSCDG in June 2016 as a Workforce Development Officer.  Victoria Sartchwell

Vicky has previously worked for LCC Learning and Development Team within Adults and Communities, delivering Multi Agency Safeguarding Adults training and also has experience in organisational development.

Vicky will be working with IVS managers and staff to achieve the delivery of a high quality workforce development programme across LLR

If you would like to know more about Workforce Development

Please call Vicky on 0116 305 6385 or you can email on victoria.satchwell@leics.gov.uk