Fraud & Doorstep Crime Awareness Training

Interested in keeping those you love or work with safe?

Are you doing everything you can to achieve this?

Do you want to know how fraudsters target you and your loved ones?

Do you really know all there is to know about how Doorstep Criminals work?

AND, do you want to learn how to STOP these criminals?


Answered ‘YES’ to any of the above, then our free training course is for You!

Learn about how these criminals worm their way into people’s lives, how they groom the elderly and vulnerable and then exploit them financially.

Understand the methods they adopt and most importantly how to spot the signs if someone is already a victim of crime.

Expert information and advice that will up-skill you to give a better service to your clients or family and help “Keep them Safe”.

The training covers all areas of Fraud including internet/cyber, Mass Marketing Fraud (including mail and telephone fraud); Romance and courier fraud, social media data harvesting  and Doorstep Crime including Bogus Officials, Distraction Burglary, Criminal (Rogue) Traders.


All areas that can impact on anyone of us.


And the bonus about this training, it’s FREE! Yes FREE.

                                    To book, contact:  or 01778 305011

Training Flyer open region (PDF, 194 KB)