Catering Gluten Free – How To Get it Right – Guidance & Free Animation Videos

June 9, 2017

Coeliac UK have launched new guidance ‘Catering gluten free: how to get it right’, produced in collaboration with the Food Standards Agency. The guidance provides practical advice to cater gluten free, from sourcing the right ingredients, cleaning and hygiene, storage, preparation and cooking, through to service and quality assurance.

Whether catering for a hospital, school, care home or prison the advice and processes for producing safe and trusted gluten free food are the same.

To download a copy please visit:

Free animation videos

Coeliac UK wanted to get the message across to those who might not understand coeliac disease and the gluten free diet, so have developed four short animations to help kitchen and serving staff learn about coeliac disease and how to produce great gluten free meals.

You can view the animations at:


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