Digital Social Care Record Programme – Funding Deadline 15th March 2024

December 3, 2023

Digital Social Care Record Programme: Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

What is the Digital Social Care Record:

• A Digital Social Care Record (DSCR) allows the digital recording of care information and care received by an individual, within a social care setting, replacing traditional paper records.

• DSCRs are person-centred and enable information to be shared securely and in real-time with authorised individuals.

• These records will play an important role in joining up care across social care and the NHS, freeing up time spent by care workers and managers on administrative tasks whilst equipping them with the information they need to deliver care.

• They are the platform on which other remote care tools can integrate and can enable the greater personalisation of care planning

Please note that the window for grant applications for FY23/24 will close on the 15th of March 2024.

In order to have grants paid within this financial year the minimum requirements must have been met and submitted by close of business on the 15th of March 2024:

  • Fully approved grant application form.
  • Providers must have chosen a supplier from the assured provider list:
  • Provision of supporting evidence in the form of an approved supplier quotation, invoice or supplier contract.
  • DSPT “Standards Met” Accreditation or higher.

Grants cannot be progressed without the above information and will not be paid within the current financial year.  At this time we do not know what our funding for FY 24/25 will look like and we cannot guarantee funding for DSCR beyond FY23/24. Please do not miss out on your grant funding opportunities.

If you need any assistance in completing your grant applications please contact who are available to support.

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