LMS Registration

To facilitate the creation of the accounts LSCDG can help you with this.   Currently there are 2 ways

Option 1 – Use the Template

If you have 10+ employees then we advise you complete the excel template, LSCDG will use this information to create the user accounts  Copy of CSV template LSCDG v6

When you complete the template it is necessary that each care provider has identified the name of one individual who has the authority to approve staff training. This could be the manager or training co-ordinator or even a supervisor but the key to this is we require an individual email for this person as all correspondence will be communicated by this method. The email cannot be generic it has to be assigned to the authorised individual.

Option 2 – Less than 10 Employees

You can use our automated registration form down below and LSCDG will use this information to create the user accounts for you.


Self-Registration on The HUB  (COMING SOON)

Before you self- register you will need to ensure you have the following information before hand

  • An email address (not a generic email) for yourself
  • Manager name
  • Manager email

Without the above information you will not be able to self register when this facility becomes available

If you have any queries please contact via phone on 0116 305 5185/0116 305 7438 or email lscdg@leics.gov.uk


Registration Form

The registration form is currently offline for maintenance, in the interim if you need to create accounts for your organisation please can you use the excel template available on the website, until further notice