New Provider of Non Emergency Patient Transport

September 29, 2017

From 1 October 2017 TASL will take over the responsibility of providing non-emergency patient transport in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.  As you know this service has previously been provided by Arriva.


TASL have been talking to existing users of the non-emergency patient transport service to ensure a smooth transition of bookings that are for 1 October and beyond.  Here is a link to a leaflet which contains information about the service.  


TASL also have a  Healthcare Professional telephone number should you or someone else wish to call on behalf of your patients: Tel 0116 366 6770.


At the start of a new contract TASL fully expect to see a raise in calls and queries, which is usual.  They have made provision in their staffing to cope with this and we hope that the advanced calls regarding patients who are frequent users of the service will give the assurance needed.  TASL have also done media work and liaised with health care professionals in both the community and acute trusts.  However, it is likely that phone lines will be busy in the first few days of the contract.  We are asking people not to make unnecessary/repeated calls to check on transport that has already been booked, and if you as a care home are chasing transport for a patient, please ensure you use the healthcare professional number.



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