In light of the current Covid-19 situation a decision had been taken to provide a digital offer for  non-essential training.   However,  Moving & Handling Training has resumed back to face to face.

ReSPECT Training Information

27 September 2019

Training material received by the Resus Council UK, as part of the implementation.

Download  the resources

7-General_How to complete a ReSPECT form v1.0_2017_04_29

8-Young Person_How to complete a ReSPECT form v1.0_2017_04_29

9-Child_How to complete a ReSPECT form v1.0_2017_04_29


There is also the ReSPECT Web App, which can be accessed here. The ReSPECT Learning Web-application can be downloaded and used on mobile devices as well as desktop computers. The app allows you to learn about the ReSPECT process and how it applies to you. The content has been primarily designed for use by people of all disciplines working in health and social care. When you log in, you can select your role to make sure  that the content is relevant to you.



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