In light of the current Covid-19 situation a decision had been taken to provide a digital offer for  non-essential training.   However,  Moving & Handling Training has resumed back to face to face.

Care Act

13 April 2015

Are you ready for the Care Act?

LSCDG have created  2 short e – learning modules

1)  “Introduction to the Care Act 2014 (Adults)”

2) “Eligibility”

1)  “Introduction to the Care Act 2014 (Adults)”

This module is designed to take you through the key areas covered by the Care Act 2014.  At the end of this module you should be able :

•Understand the basic legislative framework of the Act in providing care and support to adults.

•Understand why new legislation is needed and who it applies to. Understand the general responsibilities and key principles referred to throughout the legislation.

•Understand the key areas covered by the Care Act, including best practice guidance which has now been incorporated into law

2) “Eligibility”

The aim of this module is to enable you to determine eligibility for adult social care support following an assessment of need and risks by following the new National Eligibility Regulations set out in the Care Act 2014.

By the end of this course you will be able to:-

    • use the new National Eligibility Regulations 2014 set out in the Care Act 2014
    • make eligibility decisions following a needs and risk assessment
    • determine eligibility for those with care and support needs and carers

To access this e learning you will need to set up an account and register your details,  Click here for further information

If you already have an account please log into the LMS (the hub)

Both of these modules are under the Social Care Zone 


Further Resources

Care Act Briefing for Providers, download the latest update  Care act providerupdatefinal

Care Act Learning Materials – download the materials at this link


Short Video

A resource in relation to primarily the care certificate. The 45mins film developed by ACC includes background to the Care Act and Care certificate, perspectives from ADASS, CQC and Skills for Care and a Question and Answer session.  

This would be useful in situations of informing managers, councillors, compliance teams, employees, commissioners etc. 

Are you ready for the Care Act?






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