Care Homes Emergency Health Advice Poster

June 9, 2017

This poster can be used to provide information for your staff to follow when they require urgent or emergency health advice.

Download the poster by clicking on the below link

 LC CCG Care Homes Emergency Health Advice Poster

During the daytime hours Monday to Friday please contact the resident’s GP for ongoing health advice and input to ensure continuity of care.


Out of hours evening, weekends and bank holidays please contact the Clinical Navigation Hub in the first instance. The Clinical Navigation Hub is staffed by healthcare professionals who are able to provide health advice and make decisions about the most appropriate response required for individuals with urgent care needs. For example, the Clinical Navigation Hub is able to arrange a visit from the home visiting service or if they feel that an ambulance is required they can arrange this too. The number provided on the poster is direct access to the Clinical Navigation Hub for care homes.


We advise that staff only use 111 if they are unable to get through to the Clinical Navigation Hub. The reason for this is that by using the Clinical Navigation Hub number you will have direct access to clinical advice whereas going through 111 will take you through to a non-clinical call advisor.


We hope that the attached poster enables your staff to confidently contact the right service the first time avoiding any unnecessary delays or inappropriate referrals. We hope this also improves patient and carer experience of accessing urgent care services.


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