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July 19, 2023

“The Care Professional of the Year Awards are back! This year will be bigger and better than ever with a total of 22 awards being given. The Inspired to Care team have really wanted to make sure that all areas of our sector are celebrated with a category given to all main provision types as well as local companies that support and cheerlead our work. Some of the categories added are:

Local initiative

This award is to recognise the work of a business or charity with a proven track record of supporting adult social care in their communities. The business will be able to demonstrate the positive impact and commitment they have made to the sector as well as be able to talk about why adult social care is important to them and their local community.

Co-production champions of the year

The significance of co-production in service design is recognised with this award. We are interested in hearing from experts with real-world experience who have gone above and beyond to make sure that services are made to improve quality and outcomes, as well as care professionals who use partnership working to make sure that people who use services have a voice.

Trainer of the year

This award is to recognise the hard work and dedication of a trainer within adult social care, who goes above and beyond in the training they deliver and how they deliver it. This person will demonstrate their passion for offering and delivering full and comprehensive training opportunities to upskill their team and equip them with all the tools and knowledge needed to be able to deliver high-quality care consistently.

Support staff member of the year

In residential and supported living settings, alongside office staff and Care Professionals are a hard-working team of auxiliary staff. From gardeners to maintenance professionals, these hard-working members of the team provide essential support to make sure the staff and residents have safe and pleasant surroundings to call home and work. This award will recognise the work of one of these individuals, their hard work, commitment, dedication, and positive impact on the team they work within.

To see all categories please visit:

Nominations are easy to make with only a minimum of 200 words needed for each entry and no limit to how many you can send. All nominations will remain anonymous throughout the entire process to avoid any thoughts of favouritism.”


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