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Health Literacy Awareness

One Day Event

18 January 2017
10:00 am - 3:15 pm

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Health Literacy Awareness (1 day course) - (Fully Funded)  What is it? According to recent research 43% of adults, aged 19 to 65, routinely do not understand health information – a figure that rises to 61% if an element of numeracy is involved. This means that they do not understand healthy eating messages such as 5 a day, cannot follow and adhere to medication instructions, do not know when an appointment has been made for them, cannot evaluate the risk and benefits of procedures and will not understand the meaning of words with multiple meanings such as positive. They are usually those adults who have the poorest health outcomes in terms of premature mortality and morbidity. In addition to this many of the practitioners who work with them are unaware of this and consequently feel frustrated and disappointed when their patients and clients do not appear to be following their advice. They often fail to recognise the signs that people do not understand what they have been told because they have not been trained to recognise them. Our Health Literacy Awareness for Health Practitioners course tackles this by defining what health literacy is, examining the impacts of lower levels of Health Literacy and implications for everyday practice, looking at how practice might have to change to meet the needs of this group and considering what initial steps may need to be taken and what help is available to assist in this.   AIMS and OBJECTIVES:  
  • Increased understanding of what Health Literacy and how it might impact on their everyday practice;
  • Increased awareness of Health Literacy issues and their impact on individuals’ everyday lives and the services that the support them;
  • Considered how they might address clients with Health Literacy needs within their own services;
  Content of the workshop
  • Definitions of health literacy
  • Policy
  • What is the problem?
  • What are the solutions?
 TARGET GROUP:  Local Authorities, Social Care and Domiciliary Care and Voluntary and Community Sector.  
Dates available Venue
18.01.17 NSPCC, Beaumont Leys
 Course Time: Arrive 9.30am for a 10:00 start and finish 3.15pm Refreshments & Lunch will be provided. This course is a multi-agency training and will remain fully funded, therefore you will only be charged, if delegates fail to attend. The establishment will be invoiced for the non-attendance rate of £100 per person. Leicestershire County Council staff will be required to enter a COST CODE on the booking The new Learning Management System (The Hub) is now live, you will need to register and create an account should you wish to book on LSCDG courses.  Pease follow this link:  LSCDG Contact: 0116 30 57438 Email:  

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If you do not have an account, this will need to be created for you.  Please follow the link for joining instructions and more information about the Hub or email

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